Welcome to Namibia

  • Accommodation

    Namibia is meant for sleeping under the stars, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. The sky out here is crystal clear so we can easily spot the constellations. You will stay at Ozohere Campsite, Halali & Namutoni Campsite, and Dunedin Guesthouse.

  • Climate

    The subtropical desert climate in Namibia means hot days and cool nights, with little rain and low humidity.

  • Meals

    Tasty Namibian food mixed with traditional student-friendly meals as well as packed lunches when away from camp. Students are taught how to cook and participate in meal preparation. We can also cater to most dietary/religious restrictions and food allergies. Please contact us for dietary queries.


Namibia is the newest addition to our list of international school expeditions and trips. 

We took one look at the awe-inspiring, ever changing countryside and were in a headspin: the cascading dunes, impressive coastline and the majestic ‘Namib desert’ (thought to be the oldest desert in the world) make Namibia our new favourite place.

In addition to having a striking array of cultures and national origins, Namibia is a photographers dream – it boasts wild seascapes, rugged mountains and the endless desert.

You will have the opportunity to explore Namibia’s bountiful national parks, swim along its golden coastline, cut across its historic deserts, take in its beautiful architecture (with its heavy German influences), and sleep under its crystal clear sky. 

Along the way, you will meet and interact with the local people, from the colourful Herero tribe to the San bushmen whose rock art dates back thousands of years.

What to Look Forward to: Community | Culture | Education | Adventure


From the first time you make contact with Rift Valley Adventures, our professional team will be active in your chosen, fully-hosted programme. Without getting in your hair, we’ll be with you 24 hours a day from pick-up to drop-off.

All RVA camps have 24-hour security guards as well as local security networks including armed rangers or police where necessary. Additionally, we have an unblemished safety record, thanks to a highly trained team, industry-standard equipment and facilities, detailed operational procedures, and comprehensive participant preparation. 

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes, a reusable water bottle, toiletries, and a rucksack, to name a few. We will include a full kit list in your itinerary so that you are fully prepared. One thing to remember is “don’t get weighed down on your adventure, only pack the essentials!”

1 teacher travels free of charge for every 10 students!

We recommend that everyone visits a travel doctor and acquires the shots their doctor prescribes. Furthermore, we recommend that everyone have an anti-malaria prescription. Remember that most of these drugs (for example, Malarone) require that you start taking the medicine several days before you leave. The same is true for Dukoral, an oral vaccine for traveller’s diarrhoea.

Yes, our trips are inclusive and will support the needs of children with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Thank you RVA for your expertise in designing meaningful experiences for our intercultural trip experience. Your attention to detail and safety policies, combined with great food and empathetic instructors, allows ISK to expose our students to different cultures and offer physical challenges and wonderful opportunities for service.
Pierina Redler
International School of Kenya, Director Co Curricular Programs

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