Accomodation Ol Pejeta

Behind the camp at Ol Pejeta – meet Mwaura

Mwaura joined the RVA team in way back in 2013 and has been the backbone of keeping our camp at Ol Pejeta well maintained and cared for all these years. Mwaura was keen to work  in an adventure setting and as a nature lover, he is right in his element...

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Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Behind the scenes of your adventure trips

Behind all our adventure trips and experiences is someone who is working hard making sure that everything from transport arriving on time to the right food purchased; and plays a vital role in keeping everyone in the right place to make the trips happen. Millicent who was born and brought...

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MTBKenya Rift Valley Adventures Blog

Adventures of a Bush Guide in Kenya

Francis Leruso, RVA’s leading Bush Guide, was born in Kenya’s Samburu region in a place called Kililio (meaning hanging place) and due to keeping with his traditional nomadic life is currently living in a place called Chumvi in Laikipia just a few miles from our Forest Camp. Francis completed his...

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MTB Trails in Kenya

Everyone loves an adventure trip!

Mark’s professional career is quite the adventure trip! Coming from humble beginnings, Mark is the first born in a family of three siblings. His parents on are ordinary business people having done it for as long as he can remember. Mark was brought up in Nanyuki where he attended his...

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Ngare Ndare Forest

Meet the team – Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

As we continue talking to the Rift Valley Adventures team and what makes us tick, we chat with Wilson who is the groundsman at our main base at Ngare Ndare Forest Camp. The adventure guides may be who you see when out in the field but there are many people...

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canyoning in Kenya

Adventure trips in Kenya – meet the team

Nderitu is a guide who is equally at home behind the wheel as he is in the canyon. After school Nderitu attended a mechanics course for two years before becoming a Matatu driver running regular trips up and down to Nairobi but his adventurous spirit led him to Rift Valley...

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Adventure trips in Kenya

Meet the team behind your adventure trips in Kenya

Steve is RVA’s chief Store man but he is no stranger to the adventure world having come from a keen biking background but also started out working on Mt Kenya trekking and portering after leaving school. He has been on numerous bike courses and adventure trips in Kenya and also...

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Adventure experiences

Meet the team leading your adventure travel in Kenya

Peter has been with Rift Valley Adventures (RVA) for several years now and has worked his way through various disciplines as a guide and instructor on different adventure travels in Kenya since joining. Originally from Karatina, not to far from Nanyuki, Peter is no stranger to exercise. In his late...

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6 Rift Valley Adventures Blog

Adventure Experiences – Meet the team!

With the Adventure team in lockdown along with the rest of the planet in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid it’s an ideal time to catch up with some of RVA’s guides and bring you a little insight into who it is that takes you out and delivers...

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