Karibu Kenya

  • Accommodation

    A mix of campsites, including Ol Pejeta Camp and/or Forest Camp.

  • Climate

    The climate in Kenya varies from cool and dry to warm/hot. There are periods of heavy rains between March and May and October and December.

  • Meals

    Tasty Kenyan food mixed with traditional student-friendly meals as well as packed lunches when away from camp. Students are taught how to cook and participate in meal preparation. We can also cater to most dietary/religious restrictions and food allergies. Please contact us for dietary queries.

It is in the heart of this spectacular country that we choose to lay down our roots. And who can blame us? Kenya is the jewel in Africa’s crown. 

Kenya is one of the most exciting and naturally blessed destinations on Earth – equatorial glaciers and savanna packed full of wildlife, all within sight of each other. 

A trip here takes you to the top of Mt. Kenya, a World Heritage Site, across the plains cycling with giraffe, elephant, and rhino, through the top of the pristine Ngare Ndare forest, down its waterfalls, and out into the Indian Ocean to surf and snorkel the warm tropical waters along one of the world’s top beaches.

The culture is vibrant – a melting pot of various tribes, the people are as warm as the tropical climate, and the air is alive with laughter. 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, start in Kenya!

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From the first time you make contact with Rift Valley Adventures, our professional team will be active in your chosen, fully-hosted programme. Without getting in your hair, we’ll be with you 24 hours a day from pick-up to drop-off.

All RVA camps have 24-hour security guards as well as local security networks including armed rangers or police where necessary. Additionally, we have an unblemished safety record, thanks to a highly trained team, industry-standard equipment and facilities, detailed operational procedures, and comprehensive participant preparation. 

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes, a reusable water bottle, toiletries, and a rucksack, to name a few. We will include a full kit list in your itinerary so that you are fully prepared. One thing to remember is “don’t get weighed down on your adventure, only pack the essentials!”

1 teacher travels free of charge for every 10 students!

We recommend that everyone visits a travel doctor and acquires the shots their doctor prescribes. Furthermore, we recommend that everyone have an anti-malaria prescription. Remember that most of these drugs (for example, Malarone) require that you start taking the medicine several days before you leave. The same is true for Dukoral, an oral vaccine for traveller’s diarrhoea.

Yes, our trips are inclusive and will support the needs of children with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Please contact us for more detailed information.

The trip was better than I ever could have expected.
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