Community Service

Community is at the heart of everything RVA does. Our love for our community, in Kenya and beyond, guides our work – our interaction with the local people, our respect for the culture, and our reverence of the land and wildlife. 

As a company that has had the good fortune of leading adventures for over 2 decades, we have made it a priority to contribute as much as we receive.

That is why we support numerous community projects on an ongoing basis (financially & through technical assistance), across health, education, income generation, and conservation sectors.  

We encourage you to get involved in these projects during your trip; participating in community projects teaches collaborative skills which are key to creating a cohesive society, and they are also a great way to learn more about the local people and culture.

Below are some of the community projects we are undertaking or have undertaken. 

Join us!

Clean Cooking

Traditional firewood cookstoves produce harmful emissions which negatively impact the health of millions of people worldwide. That is why we are distributing energy-efficient stoves to the Chumvi and Ngare Ndare communities in Laikipia, Kenya, as part of our clean cooking programme. 

We have subsidised the cost by 70% for a start, and hope to build on this programme as a way for you to offset carbon from your travel. For only $25 you can purchase a fuel-efficient stove that reduces harmful emissions by 72% and uses 55% less firewood. 

Menstrual Health

Many girls miss out on school each month due to lack of sanitary towels. That’s why we run a sanitary towels programme, which aims to promote menstrual health, hygiene and dignity for school girls in Laikipia County, Kenya. 

As part of this programme, we have distributed reusable sanitary towels to over 500 girls and will continue to do so moving forward.


In partnership with the International School of Kenya, ACS Singapore, and George Heriots School in Scotland, we have established ICT learning across all taught subjects at the Irura primary school in Laikipia County, Kenya, promoting ICT literacy for all 200 students. 

This was the first school within the location to have ICT as part of their school educational system.


By getting involved in “Conservation at Work” you can help contribute to desperately needed wildlife and conservation projects in some of the most endangered ecosystems around the world. 

Your visit provides funds for local communities and supports organisations that offer practical assistance on conservation projects such as maintaining rhino and chimpanzee sanctuaries, forest restoration and natural habitat protection.

Income Generation

We have partnered with Heshima, a local charity in Tanzania that provides support to the largely marginalised local Maasai community. Heshima offers children a good start to life and school and offers mothers training and skills to enable them to make an income and become more independent. 

Various projects in Heshima are open to support and engagement from visiting students.