Outdoor Adventure

For nearly 20 years, we have led thrilling adventures to destinations off-the-beaten-track, providing an experience above & beyond. 

You won’t be looking through the windows of a tour bus when you’re with us. You’ll be spinning down a river in a canoe, cresting the ocean waves in a dhow, rushing down a slope on your mountain bike, tackling a granite outcrop on a climbing rope, brushing the tops of acacia trees on the back of a camel, or cutting through the snow on a dog sled.

The exciting adventure challenges we offer students are crucial to a holistic education, with skills that will reap rewards into adulthood. 

Below is a list of the outdoor adventure activities you can include in your programme:

Canyoning: Leap Into Crystal Clear Pools

Countries: Kenya, FranceAustralia

Learn how to navigate a river course using skills such as swimming, gorge walking, scrabbling, abseiling, cliff jumping, sliding down chutes and clambering over rocks and other unique features.

Whether it is in Australia or Kenya, canyoning is one of our most exciting activities, and a day out jumping and abseiling is not to be missed! 

Rock Climbing: Behold A Breathtaking Birds Eye View

Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, Australia

Whether you’re a novice climber or a pro, we have walls and boulders for you to ascend. This full-body workout rewards you with a breathtaking view right at the top. 

Mountain Biking: Cut Through Rough Off-Road Terrain

Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, France, Australia

All our trips offer world-class mountain biking territory that cut through pristine wilderness, stunning landscapes, wildlife areas and ranches. 

With technical trail riding, rock drop-offs, river crossings, boulder hopping and fast switchbacks through beautiful forests or open savanna, there are tracks to suit all levels of cyclists…

Mountain Climbing: Conquer The Top Of The World

Countries: Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania 

Summit the snow-licked tips of Mt. Kenya, circle the horseshoe-shaped volcanic crater of Mt. Meru, trek through the high plateaus and granite towers of Mt. Mulanje, and conquer Africa’s tallest mountain – Mt. Kilimanjaro.

If you are looking for pure, untamed adventure, then look no further.

Wildlife Safaris: Get Up Close To Earth’s Most Majestic Animals

Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi

Seeing animals against the vast, mind-bending panorama of land and sky is one of the greatest highlights of our trips. 

Whether you’re cycling through the African savanna alongside giraffes and zebras or watching the ‘Big Five’ – rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant, migrate through the bush or roam across moorland, a wildlife safari is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Bushcraft and Archery: Survive in the Wilderness

Countries: Kenya

Learn how to thrive and survive in the awe inspiring wilderness with modern and traditional archery as well as bushcraft skills.

These skills like hunting, tracking, firecraft, navigation, foraging, water sourcing, shelter-building, and rope-making, have been honed and perfected by local tribes for centuries. 

Water Sports: Soak Up The Beauty Under The Water

Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, France, Australia

Canoe down tranquil rivers, brave wild rapids, tackle turquoise waves, fish, surf, dive or snorkel…

Being around water makes us happier and our multitude of fun activities are guaranteed to leave you soaked & smiling.

Winter Sports: Indulge In Some Epic Winter Madness

Countries: Sweden

Have you ever fished in the ice before? Ridden on a Skidoo (snowmobile)? Cut through the snow on skis? Been pulled behind a dog sled?

Sweden’s cold winters set the perfect scene for a multitude of epic activities. Don’t worry if you’re new to winter sports; we’ll get you out on the slopes in no time at all.

The dramatic changes in landscape, cycling so close to animals, the challenging rides suited to a wide range of experience, the convivial atmosphere at the camps, the expert instruction, guidance and support by RVA, all provided for a memorable and unforgettable trip, which we would not hesitate to do again.
Peter Ostrom