Carbon Reduction

Transportation is a big contributor to global and personal emissions. So how can you reduce your personal carbon footprint? 

Start by calculating your carbon footprint at (or any of the many carbon calculators out there), to find out how you’re doing. Be honest and look at all the sneaky ways your footprint starts to climb!

Now it’s time to get to work! Small steps first; get used to doing things differently and hopefully that will become a normal thing to do in your family’s life. Below we’ve shared a few ways you can offset your carbon footprint from this trip. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Before Your Trip

  • Carpool

    Carpool to school when departing for this trip and use a school bus to take you to and pick you up from the airport. This will save about 50+ thirty minute or so car journeys, or roughly 25-30 hours of carbon fuel emissions.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

    Carry your own water bottle for this trip. Reuse and refill!

  • Borrow Gear

    Borrow or hire gear you need for this trip rather than buying new gear. As some of the equipment is quite specific e.g. -10C sleeping bag, you may never use it again. You can also use this in your everyday life; borrow or hire clothes or equipment, it’s cheaper and easier than sourcing it yourself.

  • Pack Light

    If in doubt leave it out! You don’t need as much equipment as you think you will need. We will share a carbon-friendly gear list as part of your itinerary, to help you pack for this trip.

During Your Trip

  • Carbon-Offset Programme

    Participate in our carbon offset programme, distributing energy-efficient stoves to Chumvi and Ngare Ndare communities (learn more under the Community Service page).

  • Plant Trees

    Join us as we plant and look after lots of trees. Actually you might be part of the group in the future that helps us measure growth and calculate the amount of CO2 absorbed each year.