Student Trips Overview

The wild and diverse landscapes in which we operate provide an endless fountain of fascinating learning for student trips. 

Life skills that are hard to teach in the classroom come roaring to life on our tailor-made journeys –  trust, communication, resilience, responsibility, goal setting, teamwork and leadership!

From full-blown expeditions in the outer reaches to community service, wildlife conservation field trips, or the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, we can unashamedly declare ourselves experts in arranging safe, educational and enjoyable trips for students (of all abilities). 

Whether you are leading a primary class or a group of 24-year-old’s, our flexible and expertly tailored trips will challenge and grow the mind and body in a natural environment.

Nobody comes back unchanged – and that’s exactly what we want!

Our Approach

Outdoor Education

Why not combine your biology class with outdoor education and adventure, giving your students a deeper appreciation of their environment?

Whether it’s a geography field trip, cutting edge conservation or field ecology, we will design your field trip to meet your curricular objectives in a host of different locations.

Outdoor Adventure

Nobody loves adrenaline and exploration quite like the RVA team! 

Whether you are hiking through pristine forests, mountain biking across the Australian plains or canyoning off waterfalls in Kenya, RVA has something to fulfill your need for speed, thrill and wilderness.

Community Service

We always want to put something back into the local communities we visit and work with.

That’s why we focus on undertaking development and education projects that are sustainable, have a long-term impact, accomplish a goal that comes from the local community, and add to the quality of life for a broad spectrum of the local residents.

Intercultural Learning

All our trips immerse young people in the environment and culture of the host country, challenging students to understand more about themselves and others. 

We’ll visit homes, villages and schools to give you an insight into local culture – an experience of ‘another world’ that often leaves, a profound, long-lasting effect.

Explore Our Destinations

We have bases in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, Australia, Swedish Lapland and France. Click on any destination below and discover the exciting experiences it has to offer you.

We have had 26 sets of siblings pass through Rift Valley Adventures in the eight years we have been running trips and expeditions from our school in Brunei. Parents know they can expect the highest levels of nutrition, care and challenge when their children travel with RVA.
Roland Lopez
Teacher, certified UK Mountain Leader and Duke of Edinburgh Assessor for 31 years

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