Welcome to Australia

  • Accommodation

    A mixture of camping and simple cabin and hostel-style rooms.

  • Climate

    Australia is warm for the most part of the year, with a rainy winter season between June and August.

  • Meals

    Tasty Australian food mixed with traditional student-friendly meals as well as packed lunches when away from camp. Students are taught how to cook and participate in meal preparation. We can also cater to most dietary/religious restrictions and food allergies. Please contact us for dietary queries.

With its stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere, cosmopolitan cities, rich culture, warm hospitality, and miles upon miles of outback, Australia is definitely ‘a cracker of a destination’. 

Your journey will take you across wineries, farms, beaches, dense forests, rolling hills, shipwrecks, and caves, where you can enjoy surfing, rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, and abseiling while observing wildflowers, kangaroos, and birdlife.

This trip brims with Aussie Adventure!

You will get immersed in aboriginal history and culture, learning about the Dreamtime, didgeridoo, bush tucker, animal tracking, and medicinal plants. 

Australia is a culturally and geographically diverse continent that has everything a student group needs.

What to Look Forward to: Community | Culture | Education | Adventure

  • Visit Western Australia’s South West region, stretching from Perth to the Coral Bay region. Stay on a cattle outback station, watch the humpback whale migration, snorkel the world’s longest fringing reef, camp under the stars, and experience the unique Aussie flora and fauna
  • Go on a ‘bush tucker’ walk with aboriginal guides, learn about their culture and traditional hunting methods, track animals in the sand, find water, enjoy didgeridoo time, and listen to fireside Dreamtime stories told by tribal elders
  • Visit the Caversham Wildlife Park, take part in conservation projects with top researchers, go on a campus tour of the University of Western Australia and support local community projects
  • Take under the skin tours of Perth, with its breathtaking blue rivers, stunning beaches, historic and sparkling modern buildings, and lush parklands
  • Chart your way on Captain Cook Cruises to the maritime port city of Fremantle, exploring the busy harbour town and intricate streetscape, ending the day with a classic Aussie ‘barbie’ on the Swan river
  • Visit the spectacular barrier reef, home to over 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of coral. The clear tropical waters are perfect for fishing, surfing, snorkelling, and sea kayaking, with high chances of spotting dolphins, dugongs and turtles
  • Go on a humpback whale tour and watch these magnificent creatures in their natural environment, playing, tail-slapping, breaching, waving, rolling and even sleeping
  • Take in the spectacular landscapes of the Kimberleys and experience the Aboriginal culture that seeps from the land. Trekking about you can find some of the most wonderful and secluded swimming holes and the magnificent Geikie Gorge
  • Explore the East Coast, with its koalas, kangaroos, surfing and boomerang throwing
  • Spend time with the Aboriginal people explaining their amazing history and lifestyle; visit Uluru and the Sydney Harbour Bridge Bay and explore the old Sydney settlements
  • Swim in the warm waters of Byron Bay, alongside turtles, whale sharks, and more types of coral and fish than you thought were possible.


From the first time you make contact with Rift Valley Adventures, our professional team will be active in your chosen, fully-hosted programme. Without getting in your hair, we’ll be with you 24 hours a day from pick-up to drop-off.

All RVA camps have 24-hour security guards as well as local security networks including police where necessary. Additionally, we have an unblemished safety record, thanks to a highly trained team, industry-standard equipment and facilities, detailed operational procedures, and comprehensive participant preparation. 

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes, a reusable water bottle, toiletries, and a rucksack, to name a few. We will include a full kit list in your itinerary so that you are fully prepared. One thing to remember is “don’t get weighed down on your adventure, only pack the essentials!”

1 teacher travels free of charge for every 10 students!

We recommend that everyone visits a travel doctor and acquires the shots and vaccinations that their doctor prescribes.

Yes, our trips are inclusive and will support the needs of children with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Please contact us for more detailed information.

The most well organised and best overseas trip we have ever done! From the learning and educational outcomes, to students pushing out of their comfort zones and having a great ‘Aussie adventure’, we couldn’t have asked for more.
Neil Pritchard
Teacher, Braeburn School

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