Corporate Adventures

Get your team out of the office and into the great outdoors, as part of our dynamic corporate adventure training. 

Since 2001, we have exposed corporate teams to an outdoor environment that stimulates, energises, focuses, challenges and satisfies their thirst for achievement while creating the strong bonds that are needed to cohesively move a company forward. 

Our unique and fun outdoor learning programmes will have a lasting effect on your company.

Which Activities Can You Enjoy?

Mountain Biking

Ride across the rural community land and along the Rongai River, with Mt. Kenya shining to the East and Laikipia peeling out through the classic African landscape to the North and West


Join a game drive or cycle safari through Ol Pejeta Conservancy, home to the ‘Big 5’ and other amazing wildlife

Ngare Ndare Forest

Trek through Ngare Ndare, one of Laikipia’s most private and beautiful forests. Ngare Ndare is home to beautiful spring-fed rock pools surrounded by towering trees and cliffs, and waterfalls up to 30 metres set in a pristine forest setting


Jump in the turquoise waters of Ngare Ndare's pools, and then abseil through a waterfall

Rock Climbing

Rock climb on our in-camp walls, or nearby boulders, rock faces and outcrops

Mountain Climbing

Tackle Africa’s second highest Mountain – Mt. Kenya. Rise past its glacier sculptured valleys and alpine moorland riddled with clear tarns and trout-filled streams


Have breakfast on a grassy savanna overlooking Mt. Kenya

An Unforgettable Team Bonding Experience

Describe your ultimate corporate adventure and let us design it for you! If you’d like to hold a workshop or conference with an adventure training foundation, we’ll organise that too. 

Let’s start planning!