Outdoor Adventure must go on!

With the never ending Covid situation, the year has been one with some cautious optimism as to how our Adventurous Training programmes would go but thankfully, we finished the year with a busy period and under the circumstances, a good year overall.

RockClimbingKenya Rift Valley Adventures Outdoor Adventure must go on!

We have just completed our final Multi-Activity courses but have also been running plenty of Instructional Based Courses. All have had great reviews. Our Mountain Bike Foundation courses have been great with plenty of learning and skills delivery and despite the rains arriving this hasn’t stopped training for us, and demonstrating the skills of our instructional team to adapt to the weather and also deliver to a wide range of abilities ensuring that everyone gets the attention needed. Whether it’s been learning the technical skills, riding high on the slopes and forests of Mount Kenya; or riding on the wild side through a conservancy with the big five for company. Plenty have passed through this last part of the year, learning new skills and developing existing ones.

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This year we were also given accreditation to deliver the Rock Climbing Foundation courses which again have had great reviews. Plenty of learning on these courses with developing peoples climbing skills beyond a standard bottom roping session as well as giving people the skills to go on as competent seconds and group members and improve safely ready for the next level in the award scheme. The weather hasn’t affected us – after all if you are going to progress your climbing and biking in the UK then a little wind and rain is par for the course.

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We have also been involved in new projects such as building a Climbing Wall at an international school in Nairobi which has been well received. We hope to see the schools return to outdoor education next year and an easing of the Covid concerns.

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The team have worked hard on all trips showing how adept they are at working on differing courses and also learning new skills with plenty of staff training slotted in and new venues and activities developed.

This year also marked the 20th year RVA has been running with thousands passing through our camps on a wide variety of adventurous trips, journeys, fun and learning. Outdoor education be it in the form of adventurous training for adults or the development and introduction to nature and the outdoors to young people it benefits never wears thin.

It was definitely a well earned BBQ and Tusker for the team as we wound down for the year!

MountKenya Rift Valley Adventures Outdoor Adventure must go on!

Some of the team even managed to sneak in a quick trip on Mount Kenya catching some equatorial snow after plenty of rain on the mountain giving plenty of snow higher up.

MountKenyaTrek Rift Valley Adventures Outdoor Adventure must go on!

We look forward to 2022 and continuing to deliver the high quality experiences that people have come to expect from RVA and seeing many of you back in camp ready for another twenty years of learning through adventure.

Wishing you all a happy festive season from the RVA Team!

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