Adventurous Training in Kenya

We have had a steady flow of multi-activity Adventurous Training Courses and also Mountain Bike Instructor Courses over the last few weeks, all of which have gone very well keeping up our high standard of safety and delivery. This has been a mix of climbing, biking and canyoning always delivering smiles and learning as we go. It’s been great to be back with the team and although only away for a short period this time, each time I see how the camp and team expand their skills and standards which we strive to do at every level and is very visible when on the ground.

Adventurous Training

While at the moment we have a short lull before the groups begin again this is where RVA maintains and gains its high standards. CPD or continued professional development is the key to keep standards high and current. This is a vital part of maintaining a high standard. This is something RVA has always taken very seriously and the evidence is in the delivery. 

The instructor team who have been working hard on delivering courses have now taken the opportunity to develop their personal and also activity capacity and make sure that we are keep current. 

This began with all members of the team at camp undertaking their Wilderness First Aid refresher course which all passed as it is an assessment based qualification. It’s essential that we have this when operating in the field and that we are current. All members of the team undertook this so if you turn to anyone who works in RVA on camp, then they are First Aid trained and assessed. 

It might be work but its fun Rift Valley Adventures Adventurous Training in Kenya

Although its work, it can’t be denied that it’s fun for the team to get into our less used venues checking they are still safe and usable and also to look at new ones. With repeat clients its always good to be looking at expanding our capacity to deliver new and exciting activities. We have been looking at the lower section of our main canyon which offers a huge wealth of good abseils and more jumps. We also took a look at the lower section and upper section of our smaller canyon which we have developed into a good quality canyon experience with a great abseil finale. We have been updating and replacing our equipment from Europe which keeps us within a high level of our safety equipment. 


Its been great to be delivering Adventurous Training courses during what is still a tough time for the industry with regards to the pandemic but outdoor experiences are really something which are vital in a time where healthy living needs to be encouraged. Those all important walks, cycle rides and climbs that keep people fit and as such the body is stronger when it comes to fighting a pandemic. Kenya has dealt with Covid very well and has the benefit of big open spaces to explore where social distancing is not an issue. But that doesn’t mean take things for granted – we all still need to stick to the rules and keep safe: something which our team have taken great care in ensuring it meets those safety standards. 

Mountain Biking Kenya

With a little time off to relax we also get the chance to get out and explore some more excellent adventure venues Kenya has to offer. Really, Kenya is an untapped country in terms of adventure, and we intend to get out there and have a good explore and see more of what’s there.

If you don’t look around the corner you will never know whats there…….

Dan Goodwin – Instructor

Keep looking round the corner... Rift Valley Adventures Adventurous Training in Kenya

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