Behind the camp at Ol Pejeta – meet Mwaura

Mwaura joined the RVA team in way back in 2013 and has been the backbone of keeping our camp at Ol Pejeta well maintained and cared for all these years. Mwaura was keen to work  in an adventure setting and as a nature lover, he is right in his element working in the heart of the conservancy surrounded by wildlife which is often no easy task as we do our best to keep the camp as basic and maintain the natural settings as much as possible…

Ol Pejeta camp

What’s your favourite thing about the work you do?

My favourite work has always been to make the environment more attractive and the camps we operate in. Most of the times, I am based at our safari style camp at Ol Pejeta and sometimes at Forest Camp and I enjoy making it look as nice as possible whether that’s inside the accommodation or around the grounds.

Wildlife Camp Ol Pejeta

Have you developed an interest in adventure while here and what do you like the best?

Yes I really enjoy kayaking. Having had a go a few times at the coast, its given me a taste, and I would love to keep at it. One of the great things about the job has been the chance to experience these activities as a staff group. I wouldn’t have thought when I took the position that I would have done the longest zip line in Africa!!

Have you got a favourite adventure moment?

Yes for sure. We had a staff trip to Diani Beach, which was the first time I had been to the coast. It was also the first time I had been on an airplane, so the whole thing was very exciting. We did plenty of watersports which I really enjoyed. Being from the Highlands, it took a little while to get used to the heat but once I had, it was a great place to be.

Diani Beach

 If you could do any adventure what would it be?

I would be really keen to try the canyoning and I enjoyed the kayaking I did down at the coast. When this pandemic is over I shall see if the instructors can take me out on a few more trips.

How are you keeping busy during this lockdown?

Although I am on leave that doesn’t mean the work has stopped for me and I have been spending lots of time working on my farm and developing that with my family. I think the best thing at the moment is to keep busy and stay positive and just work within whats safe and possible at the moment. But I am looking forward to normality and when we can welcome people back into the camps and out on adventures again

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