Behind the scenes of your adventure trips

Behind all our adventure trips and experiences is someone who is working hard making sure that everything from transport arriving on time to the right food purchased; and plays a vital role in keeping everyone in the right place to make the trips happen. Millicent who was born and brought up in Nairobi has that role as the Operations Coordinator.

After completing her degree course at Kenya Methodist University in Business Administration and Human Resources, she moved on to work with RVA but still keeps up the learning and is currently undertaking her Masters Course at Kenyatta University in Business Administration Strategic Management.

Forest Camp Ngare Ndare

When did you join RVA and whats your role?

I Joined RVA in 2013 initially as an office assistant but after settling into the post I quickly took to it and enjoyed it and now act as Operations Coordinator & Procurement in addition to human resource duties and keeping the staff on their toes.

What are your favourite things about the work you do?

I think the main thing is a sense of personal satisfaction and Customer satisfaction which I get when things are going well. A large part of my role is assisting and helping colleagues with ideas which I enjoy and then trying to solve issues between staff when they arise. Overseeing the start, running and end of a trip; being on call when needed by the management; being able to deal with and handle different suppliers…so its a busy role which is something I enjoy and being an adventure company no one day is ever the same which makes the role enjoyable.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Have you developed an interest in adventure while here and what do you like the best?

It’s hard not to when you’re surrounded by it and see it all the time when in and out of the camps. Mountain biking and and camping are my favorites and I have experienced them quite a few times now. Its also good to get out of the office and understand what is happening in the field.

I also take part in our Community projects when called in which is not an adventure activity but an important part of RVA and I really enjoy putting a smile on the community surrounding us. We have helped numerous projects and families in the area and especially at the moment when people are finding things hard through this current Covid crisis. Over the last few months we have been doing a lot of outreach for food distributions as times are really hard for everyone right now.

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Have you got a favourite adventure moment ?

I have really enjoyed all the different experiences but I think hanging on a rope at the Ngare Ndare crag was certainly one of the highlights – not something I would have seen coming when I was studying at college but that’s one of the highlights of being with an adventure company. I also remember camping in Ngare Ndare amidst hyenas howling through the night, but I survived and am still here to do it all again!

Camping in Kenya

Whats your favourite meal at camp?

Hands down chicken stew with chapati. It’s always worth making sure I check up on the camp when this might be served!

What do you think makes RVA’s programmes special?

I think our high standards and adherence to international operating standards we have set out.  We also have internationally trained guides and instructors to run our programmes which is always good and makes the mix in the team diverse and interesting to work with. And of course, good planning from the operations department to keep things running well is essential. It’s all about keeping the big picture in mind and all the various bits will come together.

Ol Pejeta Camp

If you could do any adventure or holiday what would it be?

I would love a safari adventure around East Africa, and visit to the Congo Forests to have an experience with the great apes. That would be top of my bucket list.

How are you keeping busy during this lockdown? 

Well although we are in lock down, we still have our camps that must be kept in good condition and ready for any business that might come up when its safe to do so.

We have our staff who I keep in touch with on a regular basis since we are all part of the RVA family and everyone’s wellbeing is important especially when people might be finding things hard and uncertain.

With the current lock down, it’s a big change in our lifestyle but we have to adjust and cope with the situation. Regardless of what we are going through we will overcome. God does not test us where we cannot prevail. Be encouraged.

Ngare Ndare Canopy Walk

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