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Mark’s professional career is quite the adventure trip! Coming from humble beginnings, Mark is the first born in a family of three siblings. His parents on are ordinary business people having done it for as long as he can remember. Mark was brought up in Nanyuki where he attended his primary education. They relocated to Narok later on when he joined high school. On completion he joined his parents in business and thereafter he enrolled for an accounting course. Over the years he also taught basic computer packages- so yes, he was a computer trainer too!  However as fate would have it, he landed a job with RVA meaning and returned to Nanyuki in 2013. Although Mark maybe in the office much of the time he still gets out and has run the Lewa Marathon, gained a mountain bike leader qualification and has experienced many of the activities in the company.

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When did you join RVA and what’s your role?

I joined RVA in September 2013 as an account’s assistant and funny in October the finance/operations officer I was employed to assist left for maternity leave meaning I was thrown into the deep end and as the rest is history. Then, my job majorly revolved around bookkeeping, meeting statutory obligations for the company and a bit of HR. However, over the years my job and role has evolved to an accountant and now finance and admin. manager overseeing financial and administrative functions within the company.

Whats you’re favourite things about the work you do?

I have been running the finance department as a one man show for the better part of my stay at RVA, reason being is we are a fairly small company. However, as a result I get to schedule my work according to my own terms. With this there is independence and also some sense of self-actualization. I also get to interact with all other departments in the company.

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Have you got a favourite adventure moment?

Zip lining at The Forest / Kereita deep inside Limuru is an out-of-this-world experience that gives the thrill of outdoor adventure. We went on a company retreat not so long ago. I have tried it twice and still can’t get enough. I definitely would do it again on holiday

Whats your favourite meal at camp?

If there is one thing that unites most if not all of us – it’s food. Despite all the thrill and breathtaking activities in the outdoors, food is of most importance. Since the onset, RVA barbecue has and still is the best thing I always look towards whenever I visit our camps. It doesn’t matter the accompaniment – RVA barbecue neutralizes them all!

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What do you think makes RVA’s programmes special?


RVA’s programs are tailor made according to one’s wishes and specifications. You get to do what you want to do. These programs are also delivered in a way that is synonymous with RVA and credit goes to the team. If it feels like RVA – most probably it is RVA.

How are you keeping busy during this lockdown?

During this pandemic, despite everything being at a standstill in the outdoor, I am preparing for the year-end audit, thus tying up various loose ends on the books and ensuring the company is current with statutory obligations. Accounting never stops!

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