Meet the team – Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

As we continue talking to the Rift Valley Adventures team and what makes us tick, we chat with Wilson who is the groundsman at our main base at Ngare Ndare Forest Camp. The adventure guides may be who you see when out in the field but there are many people involved in making a trip work well from the first call or email to the office through to the camp and meals. There  are lots of people working hard to make the trip memorable. Wilson who originates from the Naro Moro area joined RVA in 2016. While the accommodation will always be spotless, we equally pride ourselves on our natural green surroundings and Wilson is very green fingered and has created a well grown and natural looking camp with our own tree nursery and food gardens as well as lots of potted plants, and small gardens which light up the decking and grounds...

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When did you join RVA and what’s your role?

I joined in 2016 with the main role as housekeeping but that has evolved into the overall look of the grounds which has involved maintaining pathways, food gardens and even a tree nursery which is used for our local tree planting program. And of course being called Forest Camp we are able to use them within our own camp.

What’s you’re favourite things about the work you do?

Being creative and working in the camp to make it look better, and I like working with the team. We have a great bond between everyone which makes a workplace much more enjoyable to be a part of.

ForestCamp Rift Valley Adventures Meet the team - Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

Have you developed an interest in adventure while here and what do you like the best?

It’s definitely hard not to when you see all the activity going on around camp. I also see all the images on the walls for rock climbing which I love. I have been able to go out a few times into the field and climb which I have enjoyed and would like to do some more in the future.

Have you got a favourite adventure moment?

We had a staff day out to Kereita Forest which sits above the Rift Valley where we took part in a series of zip lines (the largest in Africa) and was a great day out and one where we were able to get together as a team and take on something new. That’s another thing I like in the adventure world – no day is ever the same and there is plenty of variety to keep me engaged.

Whats your favourite meal at camp?

Mukimo for me, whether in or out of the camp – this a traditional dish using green bananas as a stew.

What do you think makes forest camp special?

Its natural setting and that we have been able to develop the camp to blend in to the natural environment. I have been able to use natural stones and plants for decoration around the camp which with the rains over the last couple of years have grown into a lovely green space. I would like to see the food gardens develop more so that we can begin to be self supporting more and more. The Covid pandemic has sent us a strong message to be more self sufficient in the future.

NgareNdareaccomodation Rift Valley Adventures Meet the team - Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

If you could do any adventure what would it be?

More Rock Climbing, but I would also be keen to try the bikes a little more. Now that we have a bike course built into the camp I should get in some practice and start to develop my bike skills a little more when things go back to normal.

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How are you keeping busy during this lockdown?

‘Working at home and trying to keep busy. We have been staying in and following guidelines but I am certainly looking forward to things opening up so that we can get back to business.

IMG 6384 Rift Valley Adventures Meet the team - Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

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