Meet the team behind your adventure trips in Kenya

Steve is RVA’s chief Store man but he is no stranger to the adventure world having come from a keen biking background but also started out working on Mt Kenya trekking and portering after leaving school. He has been on numerous bike courses and adventure trips in Kenya and also attended some bike mechanics courses which gives him the skills to maintain the bike fleet. Steve is also a qualified bike guide and facilitates archery to guests in camp and has a keen interest in developing his rock climbing skills and also in the canyon. Steve started out working part time at RVA but it was quickly apparent that he had a natural flair for the adventure side of things and a keen eye for detail that is so necessary to manage the Adventure Stores.

Steve Profile Rift Valley Adventures Meet the team behind your adventure trips in Kenya

1: What first got you interested in adventure? 

I first got into the outdoors straight from school working on Mt Kenya as a porter and trekking up and down on the mountain. I didn’t enjoy school too much as I was always keen to be outside and was suited to more practical things. I was also keen to try new things and push my comfort zones so the outdoors drew me in from the start.

2: If you had to stay with one adventurous pursuit, what would it be? 

I think having started on a bike then I would also take that as the one thing I would keep as my activity because its fun but can also be used as my transport. But I have just started getting a
taste for climbing and canyoning and so if you ask me that in a year's time, then I might be giving you a different answer.

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3: When on expedition what’s your favourite meal? 

Chicken stew in the evening, most important for me though is breakfast as that’s what gets me going for the day ahead for that I like to have a bowl of muesli followed by soft boiled eggs. That with a few cups of chai and I am good to go!

4: Whats your favourite piece of equipment? 

For me, as with others it's still the bike as it has such a universal use and a good set of tools to keep the bike going in the field is a very essential part of my bag for the day. The other piece of kit I like to have is my North Face down jacket which keeps me warm in the evenings, especially on the mountain.

Adventure trips in Kenya

5: Whats been your favourite moment working with RVA? 

From a professional point, I was sent to attend a Bike Mechanics course down in the capital Nairobi which I learned a huge amount on. I help take care of a large fleet of very good Giant Mountain Bikes so understanding and knowing how to do it well is so important. I am also still very keen on actually riding them to so I was really pleased to become a MIAS level 2 bike guide so I could also work out in the field.

6: When you're off on a long expedition and camping what’s the one thing you take? 

I spend quite a lot of time in the stores and working on the bikes; so I have become very attached to my blue tooth speakers and now take those wherever I go. The other things I think are essential are dry bags which having spent many early days getting wet I have plenty of dry bags and kit to make sure when I am out on expedition I am warm and dry.


Steve Moutnain 2 Rift Valley Adventures Meet the team behind your adventure trips in Kenya

7: Whats been your favourite adventure moment?

That's a hard one to answer as there have been so many of them. I think one of my best was the first time I went through the canyon. It was actually part of a bike course but we passed through the Blue Pools and ran the jumps. This was the sort of thing which got me interested in adventure activities to begin with and to be always pushing my limits to see what I am capable of is something I really enjoy.

8: Whats your favourite place for adventure in Kenya?

I really enjoy the bike safaris which I was on recently before the lock down began. It's pretty incredible to be out riding with wildlife all around and under the shadow of Mt Kenya which is where it all began for me. Also riding into Ngare Ndare Forest combined with a swim in the canyon would be something I would like to do much more of after the lock down ends.

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