Daraja Charity Cycling Challenge

Nestled on the slopes of Loldaiga Hills in the expansive Doldol plains, Daraja Academy supports 120 girls from impoverished homes representing 37 ethnic communities and urban-poor communities across Kenya. It’s a place of great sisterhood and strength for many talented, brilliant girls who would have otherwise not seen a secondary school door.

Daraja, is a Swahili word for Bridge and indeed the academy has been a bridge for 290 young minds who have passed through its gates since its inception ten years ago. Daraja’s main objectives is to mould a holistic, student who sees herself as part of a society’s success rather than wallow in past misfortunes. At Daraja the girls find their voice and immerse themselves in activities that shape them into strong community leaders.

Daraja’s progress and existence has been made possible through the kind participation and scholarships provided by well-wishers, who believe in educating and empowering the girl-child. Towards this, they are organizing a cycling event to be held on 22nd September 2018 at Maiyan.

Rift Valley Adventures is proud to support a team of Daraja Girls to participate in the event…

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The Daraja Program works and is being recognized as an innovative model for girls’ education on an international scale. In the 2017 KCSE results, Daraja Academy ranked first and produced the best candidate in the district who obtained Wings to fly scholarship. With your help, we can expand this critical opportunity to more talented young women with the confidence and skills to become tomorrow’s change makers – please make a commitment today by joining them for this fun Event.

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