Learning Through Adventure

  • Mount Kilimanjaro hiking in Tanzania
  • hiking and outdoor adventures in Tanzania
  • climbing mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • Mount Kilimanjaro hiking in Tanzania
  • hiking and outdoor adventures in Tanzania
  • climbing mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
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Home to the highest mountain in Africa, a wildlife hotspot and an adventure destination to take your breath away - Tanzania is an explorers dream. Amidst this vast stretch of African savannah with its dramatic cliffs, ice-tipped equatorial mountains and exotic wildlife, participants gain a massive sense of achievement from our expertly organized experiential programmes.

Why Tanzania

Concepts such as trust, responsibility, goal setting, team work and leadership - highly prized but rarely taught effectively in the classroom - blaze to life in the East African bush. Nobody comes back unchanged, and that’s exactly what we want.


  • 5 Day Mount Meru Trek
  • 7 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition
  • 3 Day Wildlife Safaris including Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park
  • Inter-Cultural Exchange programs with local Tanzanian Schools
  • Community Service projects with Heshima Charity for women and children

  • Mountain Bike Expeditions through rural Tanzania

wildlife safaris and community service in Tanzania

mountain climbing, ice tipped equatorial mountains in Tanzania

lions and other exotic wildlife in Tanzania

mountain biking safari adventure in Tanzania climbing Mount Kilimanjarocommunity service in Tanzania

Adventure Safaris

Can there be a better backdrop than the Great Rift Valley for a series of physical and mental challenges? Amidst this vast stretch of African savannah with its dramatic cliffs, ice-tipped equatorial mountains and exotic wildlife, students gain a massive sense of achievement from our experiential trips.

From the greatest migration on earth, to predators and primates, Tanzania is unquestionably the best wildlife safari destination on the planet. And don’t forget the ‘Big Five’ – rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant, migrating through the bush or roaming across the savanna plains. Seeing animals against the vast, mind-bending panorama of land and sky is one the highlight of our trips. Whether its on a mountain bike or 4x4 landcruiser, or on foot, we take you through some of Tanzania most treasured wilderness areas…

Mount Kilimanjaro

Thrusting 5,895 metres above the equator, its gleaming snow-licked summits, rise past glacier sculptured valleys and alpine moorland. Elephant, giraffe and eland roam its lower slopes, while the stunning vegetation - giant lobelias appear like spiky pokers – have made it a unique mountain. Small wonder it was deified by the local Chagga people, whose doors always faced what they believed, was the seat of god.

An ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro is not something that can simply be ticked off in the guide book. But with careful planning (which you will be part of), allowing sufficient acclimatisation time and mentally preparing yourself for the expedition you will have a PEAK experience.


Heshima is located in Kisongo, a rural village about 16km outside Arusha, in Northern Tanzania. This village largely serves the Maasai Community. Sadly, Maasai people often face discrimination and prejudice and find it difficult to get good jobs. Heshima is a local charity that provides support to the community by offering children a good start to life and school and offering mothers training and skills to enable them to make an income and become more independent. RVA is partnering with Heshima to provide opportunities for students from overseas to participate in various projects implemented by Heshima. You will learn more about Tanzania’s beautiful people and their strong culture, and make a contribution to their work and their children’s education. This is also our base where we will run all our adventure and wildlife safaris from!

booking a safari in Tanzania


As an approved International Trained Activity Provider (ITAP), we regularly supply student groups with a host of different adventure activities wherever we operate. Some of our adrenaline packed trips include mountain biking, cycle safaris, canyoning, rafting, rock climbing, skiing, camel safaris, surfing and stand up paddling. We only use fully qualified and highly experienced instructors - and all have an intimate knowledge of our locations and adventure pursuits. Why not link several activities into a memorable adrenaline packed package? Let us design a programme tailored to your needs…


We always want to put something back into the local communities we visit and work with. The aim of our “Schools for Communities” programme is to link students with local people to create a better understanding among children from different cultures and backgrounds and support development and education projects.
You and your school can make a real difference by getting involved in projects like setting up ICT Programs, improving educational facilities, school development and teaching.