Learning Through Adventure

  • skiing and winter sports in Sweden
  • dog sledding and outdoor winter adventure in Sweden
  • experiencing the lapland culture in Sweden
  • skiing and winter sports in Sweden
  • dog sledding and outdoor winter adventure in Sweden
  • experiencing the lapland culture in Sweden
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Being 66degrees North of the equator, a Rift Valley Adventures Swedish ski trip not only offers a great ski experience but so many other exciting winter sports. And to get out of the snow we take a look around the beautiful and historical cities of Gothenburg or Stockholm.

Why Sweden

Sweden allows for a diverse range of exciting trips - from the exciting cosmopolitan cities of Stockholm, Mamlo and Gothenburg to the rolling green hills of central Sweden and up to the clear white North to try your hand at skiing, building igloo’s, dog sledding or snow mobiling. We can even search out the impressive Northern lights.


  • Cross into the Artic Circle
  • Dog Sledding with Huskies
  • Build an Igloo and snow cave
  • Learn how to snowshoe and x-country ski
  • Snowboarding and downhill skiing
  • Lapland Culture
  • Overnight sleeper train and Stockholm shopping


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Storklinten takes pride in providing the best possible skiing experience. With groomed slopes and cross country tracks maticulously maintained to ensure excellent conditions every day of the season.The ski season usually starts around the end of November. Some years the skiing season starts as early as late October. With a good base of man made snow and a healthy pack of natural snow Storklinten provides excellent skiing conditions all throughout the month of April.


Experience the land where the Saami people have lived and worked for thousands of years. The traces are few and the silence is deafening. Laponia's grand surroundings cover deep pine forests and breathtaking mountains, with a rich fauna that enriches the national parks and nature reserves in the area. UNESCO values both nature and culture in the area and Laponia is now protected as a world heritage site. We discover and enjoy Laponia.


Don’t worry if you can’t ski, with help from our Ski Instructors we will get you up and skiing in no time at all. The Ski School is for all abilities where we will be focusing on cross country skiing and snowshoeing to begin with. After learning the basics we then journey into the wilderness using both of these techniques, viewing traditional Saami life and spectacular scenery.

For the adventurous a small group each night can stay in our log cabin or for the game our own igloo that you have constructed.

the nothern lights in Swedenadventure in Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi

The Northern Lights

The first time you see a really colourful northern lights, it might just take your breath away.  No two northern lights are the same, so if you’ve seen it once, it doesn’t mean you’ve seen all there is to see. It’s always worthwhile keeping your eyes peeled for something new.

The northern lights you generally see in Lapland are like a rainbow stretching across the entire sky from east to west. The bow is often greenish and has blurred edges. The northern lights also have two different sounds: a crackling sound like a fire, and a whining sound though these are rarely heard. It must be dark and the weather must be relatively cloudless.

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi

At the beginning of the 1990s, the idea of making something out of the raw materials up here in winter was hatched. So an igloo was built that today, nearly 10 years later, has been developed into a large construction of ice and snow containing a hotel, bar and church. Every year in November, work starts on building the structure.

Throughout winter and even a bit into spring, the structure is worked on and improved, to stand finally complete in March. At the end of April, the thaw sets in and the cycle is complete. In the form of water now, the hotel has run back into the river. Besides viewing the beautiful ice sculptures and constructions inside the giant igloo, you can stay overnight in the hotel, bedded down on reindeer skins and in a sleeping bag.