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  • Wildlife safaris in Namibia
  • sand dunes and desert safaris in Namibia
  • Wildlife safaris in Namibia
  • sand dunes and desert safaris in Namibia
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The newest addition to our list of international school expeditions and trips. We took one look at the awe-inspiring, everchanging countryside and were in a headspin: the cascading dunes, impressive coastline and that ‘Africa feeling’ makes Namibia our new favourite place.

Why Namibia

In addition to having a striking array of cultures and national origins, Namibia is a photographers dream - it boasts wild seascapes, rugged mountains and endless desert.


  • Hiking Fish River Canyon
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Wildlife Safaris
  • Surfing and Sandboarding
  • Rockclimbing and Abseiling
  • Wildlife Conservation and Community Service
  • Swakopmund Beach Town visits

deserts and sand dunes in Namibia

rock climbing in Namibia

canoeing and kayaking in namibia

namibia safari itinerary by rift valley adventures

Where we stay

Namibia is meant for sleeping under the stars, and that’s exactly what we do on our school trips and expeditions. The sky out here is crystal clear so we can easily spot the constellations.

We pack up the camping gear and head out to Ozohere Campsite where we spend the first few days working alongside the community on various projects that help reduce human-wildlife conflict. Volunteers build walls around water points and prospective garden so that the elephants are able to access the water but cannot damage the infrastructure.


Following this we search for wildlife at Etosha National Park and learn about the 114 mammal species, 340 bird species and 16 reptiles and have the chance to also visit the Namutoni Environmental Educational Centre.

For our final project days, we head out on patrol. The aim is to track various resident herds in the surrounding area. The tracking of elephants will show the group where the elephants visit and drink water.


You will also have the opportunity to visit Ozondati Primary School which is approximately 35 km from the campsite. Once you’re at the school you will be shown around and help with various ongoing school development projects and spend time with the students learning about their culture and teaching something about yours.

Its hot out there so we also hit the beaches in Swakopmund for surfing, kayaking and wind surfing. Staying in beach side banda’s; its the perfect end to the adventure…


As an approved International Trained Activity Provider (ITAP), we regularly supply student groups with a host of different adventure activities wherever we operate. Some of our adrenaline packed trips include mountain biking, cycle safaris, canyoning, rafting, rock climbing, skiing, camel safaris, surfing and stand up paddling. We only use fully qualified and highly experienced instructors - and all have an intimate knowledge of our locations and adventure pursuits. Why not link several activities into a memorable adrenaline packed package? Let us design a programme tailored to your needs…


We always want to put something back into the local communities we visit and work with. The aim of our “Schools for Communities” programme is to link students with local people to create a better understanding among children from different cultures and backgrounds and support development and education projects.
You and your school can make a real difference by getting involved in projects like setting up ICT Programs, improving educational facilities, school development and teaching.