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  • outdoor adventure for school trips in Kenya
  • cultural experience for school trips in Kenya
  • hiking and outdoor adventures in Kenya
  • outdoor adventure for school trips in Kenya
  • cultural experience for school trips in Kenya
  • hiking and outdoor adventures in Kenya
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It’s one of the most exciting and naturally blessed destinations on Earth - equatorial glaciers and savannah packed full of wildlife all within site of each other. Get a taste of rural Kenyan life, along with some of the most thrilling adventures and a chance to make a real difference.


  • Work alongside rangers to protect endangered species including rhino, chimpanzees and elephant
  • Mountain bike expeditions across wildlife conservancies
  • Join our long term sustainable community and schools service projects
  • Experience traditional Maasai culture and heritage including learning about traditional medicines and survival bush skills.
  • Climb Africa’s second highest Mountain off the beaten track
  • Stand Up Paddle, Dive or Kite Surf along one of the top 25 beaches in the world.
  • Rock climb
mountain bike expeditions in Kenya

mountain bike expeditions in Kenya

water sports in Kenya

deep sea diving at Kenya's coast

wild animal safaris in Laikipiamountain climbing in Mt. Kenya and enjoying the flaura and faunaschool trips at the South Coast of Kenya

Outdoor Adventure

The Kenyan outback and it’s abundant wildlife are the stuff of romantic African legends. Our outback is bordered on one side by Mt Kenya – an ice tipped mountain directly on the equator, encircled by plains teeming with animals like nature’s Noah’s Ark. At the other boundary lies the dramatic 3,000-foot cliffs of the Great Rift Valley.

Can there be a better backdrop than this for a series of physical and mental challenges? Participants gain a massive sense of achievement from Rift Valley Adventures’ expertly organized experiential program.

Mount Kenya

Thrusting 5,199 metres above the equator, its gleaming snow-licked summits, rise past glacier sculptured valleys and alpine moorland riddled with clear tarns and trout-filled streams. Elephant, giraffe and eland roam its lower slopes, while the stunning vegetation - giant lobelias appear like spiky pokers – have made it a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Small wonder it was deified by the local Kikuyu people, whose doors always faced what they believed was the seat of the god Ngai.

South Coast

Go to the coast and chill out at either our North Coast base, Ngomeni surf and dive camp in Malindi is our base for surf school. We can get up and taking on waves in less than an hour! Or head down South to Matisuto house on the idyllic Diani beach.

From here take sea kayaks out to surf the waves or snorkel the reef that lines the beach and enjoy the wide variety of colorful fish and coral.

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view elephants and other spectacular wildlife in Ol Pejeta wildlife campcamping and forest adventure in ngare ndare forest camp

Ol Pejeta Wildlife Camp

Situated within the 110,000 acres of Ol Pejeta Conservancy our camp is perfect for large groups! 14km from Nanyuki town, in the shadow of Mt Kenya lies our gem in a securely fenced in area . The wildlife is spectacular and on a good day we can view black rhino, elephant, lion, impala, warthog, bushbuck, giraffe and other game from the comfort of our lounge tent.

12 large, secure bedroom tents are scattered around the site. Each tent can house 2 to 12 people depending on group circumstances. Within the camp grounds are a large lounge area with flat screen TV for educational videos/presentations, a large dining area as well as outside dining area, large fireplace and bar.

Activities within the camp include rock climbing and abseiling on our tower, a high and low ropes course and mountain biking skills course. You will also find a volleyball court, football goals and if that’s not enough just 600m from camp is the Ewaso Nyiro River where we go kayaking and canoeing.

Ngare Ndare Forest Camp

Situated on the periphery of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Ngare Ndare Forest, our new Forest Camp is our base for forest adventure activities, and acclimatizing for your mountain expeditions and hikes. Just 30km from Nanyuki town, with Mount Kenya to the south and surrounded by equatorial rain forest but very close to the Ethi village, Forest Camp is also our new base to initiate RVA sustainable community and environmental service projects where we intend to work closely with the local schools as well as the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust to support their conservation initiatives.

We have a large cabin which can house up to 20 people and 4 large safari tents tucked away on the slopes of the valley. Within the camp grounds are a lounge area, a large dining area as well as outside dining area, large fireplace and bar.

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