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Cycling for Kenya Event 2014

After two memorable and highly successful editions in 2007 and 2012, the Dutch Charity, Verkaart Development Team is organizing another charity challenge bike ride across Kenya from 10th-20th October 2014 . The goal is to raise funds for their projects in Kenya where they have been working for the past 25 years focusing on children and youth on the south coast of Kenya.

The VDT has built several primary schools, polytechnic schools, a handicapped boarding school, a boys orphanage and 4 large boarding schools where currently more than 1500 orphan girls participate in a four-year secondary school course funded by the VDT. They also support medical clinics and run an albino project for creating awareness to the local community about albinism. For more information please visit their website HERE.

The VDT is a private initiative with less then < 2 % overhead costs. The projects are mainly carried out by volunteers and two local staff in Kenya. In 2007, with more than 70 participants, the VDT raised € 150,000 and , in 2012, VDT managed to raise € 200,000. This year they aim to go even higher!

The route

There is a beautiful route mapped out with an average distance of 50 or 80 km per day, so a suitable challenge for everyone. This time we start west of Mount Kenya, in the Laikipia region. We cycle through nature reserves, open savannah and dense forest and camp in the bush and in small villages. There will be also some challenging climbs en route where we get up to 3300 meters on Mount Kenya overlooking Lake Rutundu.

The last two days we ride in the tropical coast area South of Mombasa where we also visit several VDT projects located in this region .

The 10 days program

Friday  10th of October -> flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi

Saturday 11th – 17th of October -> 7 days bike ride!!

Saturday 18th of October -> Day of recovering and relaxation at Diani Sea Resort

Sunday 19th of October -> Day with sport games and dancing activities at the beach with the orphan girls.

20th of October or later -> return flight from Mombasa to Amsterdam

The costs:

Option 1: 10-day program without flight € 1.100,- (organize your own flight)

Option 2: 10-day program with flight Kenya Airways/KLM
 € 2.000,- (depart at 10/10 at 21.00 evening and return at 20/1 with departure at 05.30 am in the morning)
 € 2.070,- (or return at 21/10 + 1 day extra hotel and transfer to airport) -> we might offer more return dates on the 23rd and 25th depending on the demand!
 Bring your bike on the flight: € 200,- extra p.p.

Option 3: 10-day program with flight Turkish Airlines (stop over at Istanbul) 
€ 1.850,- (Depart at 10/10 at 12.00 noon and return at 20/1 with departure at 02.25 am in the night) 
€ 1.920,- (Or return at 21/10 + 1 day extra hotel and transfer to airport) -> we might offer more return dates on the 23rd and 25th depending on the demand!
 Bring your bike on the flight: € 110,- extra p.p.

What is included:

All transfers to and from airports in Kenya, bike instructors, guides, rangers and support vehicles and mechanics with tools and spares if needed; camping in tents, bush toilets and showers; 3 meals a day, drinking water; night train from Nairobi to Mombasa, 1 night at VDT school in Kwale, 2 nights at Diani Sea Resort all inclusive and extra day on departure day, project visits and girls day at the beach, 2 bike shirts and 1 pair of bike pants; flying doctors rescue service.

Not included:

Visa Kenya (50 USD), vaccinations and malaria tablets, bike box / case (if you take your bike along)

Travel and cancellation Insurance (note coverage for outside Europe and outdoor activities)

Sleeping bag and mattress

Other drinks and personal expenses

Bike rental: 7 days from 140 euro to 175 euro depending on the type of bike (Giant and Trek), including daily service, spares, pump, transport back from Diani to Nanyuki.