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  • Hiking at school trips in Kenya
  • Forest treks at school trips in Laikipia
  • Camel rides at school trips in Kenya
  • Hiking at school trips in Kenya
  • Forest treks at school trips in Laikipia
  • Camel rides at school trips in Kenya

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Remembering the world behind the photograph...

We are overrun by a palimpsestic world layered with millions of images in between what we are actually looking at. Our phones have become our eyes and our social media accounts have become our voices so much that we often stop ourselves from truly appreciating who and what is in front of us. I, like the rest of us have found myself more often than not captivated by how my phone wants me to interpret what I see rather than what is in front of me.
This might come across as somewhat contradictory as we share our joy in opening an ICT lab in rural Kenya and we launch a new website and brochure with some fantastic photographs (many taken by students on our trips) but I wanted to take the opportunity to remember the people behind every one of these images: there are so many dedicated people who love their jobs: from the caretakers to cooks; to drivers and instructors; security to cleaners; teachers and the admin staff - these are the people that create the smiles and laughter, that keep our students safe and well nourished, that spark the interest and introspection, that make the moment behind every photograph...thank you for being the coding behind the image.

Scouts of Bali

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Scouts are a great bunch to remind you of how the simple things in life can give us so much pleasure. I was fortunate to work with SJI Singapore on their scout trip to northern Bali a few months ago. Whilst it was packed with all sorts of outdoor adventure activities, the highlight for me was working with students preparing their campsite in the middle of nowhere. From our usual world's of flushing toilets and instant meals, the Scouts left that all behind and carefully managed their own basic needs, taking the environment and each other into consideration with every step. Well done SJI Scouts!

But we still love technology...

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Whilst the rest of us are on the opposite side of the technological spectrum, the majority of children in Kenya are shut out and have limited exposure due to a lack of resources including teachers and books. Technological development in Kenya is rapidly bridging the gap.Two years ago we embarked on a fairly ambitious project to build and equip an ICT centre for Irura Primary School next to our camp at Ol Pejeta. There was no electricity, no building, no computers and certainly no ICT literacy. Today, thanks to the International School of Kenya, George Heriot's in Scotland and ACS in Singapore, the school has a fully equipped ICT lab including 47 tablets developed by BRCK-Education.



We have run some fantastic trips to Western Australia this year for the United World College and ACS International in Singapore - journeying north to south across this vast space on a kayak, bike or on foot - from swimming with manta rays in the Indian Ocean to trekking through wildflower fields in bloom. Western Australia and its people, have so much to offer with a strong passion and respect for the outdoors, we are really looking forward to sharing this with others...

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