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  • hiking in Austalia
  • white water rafting in Australia
  • surfing and water sports in Australia
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Occupying a third of the continent, Western Australia with it’s stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere,small population, the world's most isolated city (Perth) and miles upon miles of Aussie outback make this a cracker of a destination. Our journey from Perth to the Coral Bay region takes in aboriginal culture, outback stations, humpback whale migration, the world’s longest fringing reef, camping, and unique Aussie flora and fauna. This trip brims with Aussie Adventure!


  • Under the skin tours of Perth and Fremantle
  • University of Western Australia campus tour
  • See Aussie wildlife close up- kangaroos, koala, wombat the list is huge!
  • Cook a snagger (sausage) on a beach BBQ
  • Crack a whip, milk a cow and stay on a cattle station in the outback
  • Aboriginal history & culture: didgeridoo fire time, bush tucker, animal tracking, medical plants.
  • Option to swim with whale sharks and humpback whale watching
  • Conservation projects with researchers
  • Service work on stations

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South West Cape

Western Australia's South West Region stretches from Perth to Margaret River and then onto Albany. This area is a bubbling hub of activity. Wineries, farms, caves, surfing, beaches, rafting & canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling, shipwrecks, wildflowers, kangaroos, birdlife, dense forest with huge trees, rolling hills, aboriginal culture and sacred sites, and unique wildlife. It's all here! This countryside is one big green and blue canvas of natural beauty and rural hospitality.

West Coast

This 260km untouched barrier reef is home to over 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of coral, making it one of our favourite adventure destinations for student trips. It's also one of few places in the world where you can walk straight from the beach to the coral reef. The clear tropical waters are perfect for fishing, surfing, snorkeling, sea kayaking with high chances of spotting dolphins, dugongs and turtles. Beyond the reef are the migratory routes for Humpback Whales and if that is not enough, the areas offers incredible climbing, trekking, caving and ancient aboriginal art dotted across the landscape.


The Kimberleys are located in the far north of Western Australia and remains one of the most remote areas in Australia. Almost untouched until today, it has some of the most spectacular landscapes combined with Aboriginal culture that seeps from the land. Trekking about you can find some of the most wonderful and secluded swimming holes. The Fitzroy river rises in the central Kimberley Plateau where it has carved a path through the ancient Devonian Reef to create the magnificent and much visited Geikie Gorge.


Our itinerary includes koalas and kangaroos, boomerang throwing and time spent with the Aboriginal people explaining their amazing history and lifestyle. Of course it wouldn’t be an expedition without the odd bit of physical exertion and this one has climbing Uluru and The Sydney Harbour Bridge Bay and surfing. If you have to learn anywhere, then Australia’s surely the place! Then onto the warm waters of Byron Bay, home to turtles, whale sharks, and more types of coral and fish than you thought were possible. See the real outback in central Australia spend a night under the stars camping. Craving more recent history? No worries, we will explore the old Sydney settlements.


  • Visit the heart of Aboriginal culture
  • Understand the ‘Dreamtime’
  • Old growth forests & unique wildlife
  • 3 day surf school
  • Wildlife conservation – beach & bush
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  • Uluru – central Australia
  • Aboriginal rock art
  • Outback experience
  • Explore ancient tribal lands